Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Bra!

I went Bra shopping yesterday! A combination of finding a place that actually has my bra size, being in the area AND! having a new man I want to have pretty things for!

Warning the men who follow me may want to just roll their eyes and skip this!

Good things about this new store:
They specialize in bras. All bras and undies.
They carry my size
I went down a band size. I am now a 36! no more 38!
I went UP! a cup size! (whoops!). I'm now a HH! oi!
I bra cost about $100.
It fits like a dream

Bad things:
The store is on the other side of the city, has wonky hours and has crap parking.
I want to go back and buy more!
No matching undies! (I've always wanted a pair of matching Bra/Undies as I've never owned a set. Curses of having extra large boobies).

I snapped a photo of me in the bra at the store (what it's Very pretty!)

I showed my mom the photo and the conversation went something like this:
Me: See isn't it pretty?
Mom: Why did you take a photo?
Me: So I can show my friends
Mom: Oh god don't tell me you put it on facebook!
Me: Of course not! *pause* It's on my twitter account.
Mom: *headdesk*

Anyway I'll stop back next Friday when I get paid and am in the area for a second good bra! Lets hope it has a matching undies.

And only if you as very nicely I might give you the link to the photo....


  1. Nothing undermines the whole day like an ill-fitting bra! Glad you found the store.

  2. when i find a bra that fits properly and is comfortable...I tend to buy a few of them, no less than 3..... ;)

  3. Alas they only had one in stock in my size. Another curse of my size they only get a few in stock at once. But they should have more new week :D!


  4. I mail-order my bras from They can and do cut in just about every size.

    Now, before you think I'm completely nuts (i'm only partially nuts :-): They are HUGE on customer service. If you buy one of their bras and it doesn't fit right, they will help guide you to figuring out why. Then you ship it back *at their expense* and they recut it and send it back.

    Their bras are not pretty lacy things. They are typically made with no bindings or hooks - kinda like a sports bra, only FAR better made - but can, these days, make with them. They are expensive (but the price includes shipping). They are the damned most comfortable things I've EVER worn and worth every single penny.

    Especially if you need something comfortable for work, I strongly urge you to give 'em a spin. So to speak :-).