Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank you!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support this past week. It's been tough. Today is the first day I feel 100% since I got sick on Friday. Brilliant. As well as I've been dealing with my ex. He's been stalking me online which led to me changing my blog. Now I had to delete my twitter page and get a new one, along with rotating my passwords for the 100th time since he was trying to access that. I had some notices about attempts to access my bank account etc.  *sigh*. I just want him to leave me alone. I haven't willingly spoken to him in almost a year. (since I moved to Communityville).

Very long story short.
We bought a piece of furniture together when we move in together in December of 2008. He moved out. I kept the furniture and continued to make payments as I was receiving the bill. I informed him when I moved that he needed to change the bill delivery address as well as forward me the bill etc etc. He never did it. I stopped paying on said bill when he tried to steal $ from my account in Julyish. I haven't seen the bill since Feb of last year. I have no idea how much is owed etc. etc.  He got a final collection notice on the bill (it's only in his name) this month. He had probably gotten more but he never bothered to change the address the bill went to so he never received anything at all.  Anyway he started harassing me constantly. Calling my parents # emailing me. He would send an e-mail tome and CC my Dad and his brother for "protection" then send me another more threatening e-mail with out the CC. Half the time he sounded drunk in this e-mails as they didn't make any sense. (This is how I found out he was stalking my twitter page. He sent me an e-mail and I posted on my twitter page. "The Ex strikes again and he sounds drunk" and almost immediately I get an email saying "Please contact me in regads to the bed. I know you have recieved these messages. I am not drunk nor strinking again." Rigghtttttttt. He never sent me a copy of the bill and only sent me a guess as to how much was owed. I was informed I *had* to send him four posted dated checks of a certain amount. Etc. ha! I don't think so. If I had to bloody bill I would have paid it off MONTHS ago. I can't pay it off if I don't have the bill. *IF* he ever sends me the bill. I'll pay the company not him.

Anyway I ended up reporting his harassment on top of my abuse file already filed with the police department here in Communityville. The Detective is very nice. She wants me to file a report with the townville police where I used to live, and one with the Largecity PD where Katt Rett works (as something that I can prove happened there) but honestly I just want him to leave me alone I don't want to go through the court etc. If he'll get the hell out of my life I'll be happy. The detective ended up calling him and telling him he was no longer allowed to contact me. If he sent me the bill I would pay it. If not see me in civil court. 

I haven't heard from him since so lets hope the next and last thing i'll hear from him is the Bill then he can go to hell *HUMPH*

I got shit hours this week as I was basicaly off for 3 days  (sick for 5). Working today and tomorrow, and my hours boarder on insane. Plus I might pick up a saturday shift which will at least save me $$ wise. One bad thing about my job? No such thing as sick time.

With that i'm off to store need to pick up a few things for dinner!



  1. One more contact from him, and you file ALL the police reports. If he wanted you to pay the bill, he would have sent you the bill. He's using it to keep you in his life. When this ploy fails, what next? If a warning from the detective doesn't stop him, he's not finished and he doesn't care if he ends up in jail. You will need to put as many people as you can between you and him. Stop him now before his personal investment in you gets any bigger; he will only have more to lose if this drags on.

  2. Let me know if you need any help from the CrazyTown side, I can put you in touch with the right people. Suz is right to, this is simply a ploy.

  3. definitely report everything. Document all his actiions. Keep copies of emails. Keep it in a file where u don't have to keep looking at it unless you need it (because having it lying in front of you can drive u nuts)
    Glad the police phoned him.
    If he keeps bugging you despite...I would start to worry a LOT more because that means he feels he is invincible and is above the law and who knows what he might attempt.
    Take care!

  4. Yah, what the others said. "I just want him to go away," is wishful thinking. It's clear he doesn't want to. You need to document, document, document and file every report you can with the cops.

    God forbid (!!!) this should come down to some sort of physical action, there is so much stronger a case if there's repeated instances of filed paperwork and documentation of the harassment. This is why the cops push for you to do it. It's not because they like paperwork, they're really trying to help you!

    Please, file the reports!