Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Amusing nursing moments...

Today was an interesting day!
*headdesk* I had to go to a high security buliding today to see a client. Very high security. Yes I understand that you have to search my bag and what ever.

BUT DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED STERILE DRESSING SUPPLIES PLEASE! I had to stop them after they opened one. and I don't mean just opened the packing and poked the outside. I mean opened the entire tray then wrapped it all back up again.

They wanted to open all TEN trays I brought with me *HEADDESK* I can't use the bloody trays if they're opened. I pointed this out and suggested they run them through the X-ray scanner thing.

They did..

Then opened another tray "Just to check" why there was four metal objects in the tray. I tried to explain that it was two sets of metal tweezers...

They wanted to conficated ALL of the metal tweezers... Again I pointed out the Anti-logic in this. What am I going to do tweeze someone to death with blunt metal tweezers???

They also tried to take away my sterile scissors *blink* anyway the person I had to see came down and vito'd the security... but urgh! not before the distroyed a number of medical supplies.

They opened the bloody sterile saline to make sure it was Saline for christ sakes!!

Anyway finished there, Took off to go Visit Funny Old Guy FOG! FOG is a newish client that I got at the beginning of December, He's former police (retiered in the late 70's) and man he's a hoot! He doesn't have much of a short term memory so some of the things he comes up with leaves me just dying of laughter!
While making lunch
CRN: Do you want Mayo on your sandwhich?
FOG: No I don't like Mayo!
CRN: Why not? (he had Mayo on his sandwhich as per his request the day before)
FOG: It's curls my hair
CRN: *Blink* (he's bald and has been since he was in his early 20's) what hair?
FOG: All two of them!
I just burst out laughing.

I told him He was crazy (for something or other) and he replied with one of his storied.
FOG: You know I once was in court and I had this guy who was crazy just crazy!
CRN: ok
FOG: and he looked at the judge and said "DO you have proof you're sane" and the judge said no, and he said while I do! and he pulled out his piece of paper from the mental hosptial he was just released from saying he was!
Again bust a gut laughing!

Then my coordinater called me asking if I could take a client on Tuesday. I said sure no problem. Then when I get the info it's a 0830h *HEADDESK* love when she doesn't include that info!

I know something else funny happened but I'm blanking on it. I'll remember soon!

Am now snuggled up with the Hippo watching the hockey game! GO CANADA GO!



  1. holy cow. What kind of a building would one need THAT much security ??? Geeeeezzzz. Unless of course it was the PM's place...hahaha.
    I think the security went overboard. Cop wanna-bes.......oh wait. Even cops don't do that. Border guard wanna-be's........

  2. and may the best team win!! (canada of course!)

  3. No not the PM's place... close the analgy to boarder guards is rather correct...


  4. As far as the security guards go, I have a firm belief stupidity ought to be painful. Just sayin'.