Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Just want to wish all of my followers HAPPY NEW YEAR!! From Communityville!!!!! I hope everyone's new year's was safe! I worked then stayed home!! My life is so excting!!

I have to work in the AM too! oi!

Hope it was a good one a real blog update soon! I promise!!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Work *D'oh*

First of all I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Mine was interesting.

Yesterday I worked a 12 hr shift with one of our Category one clients. Cate 1 is basically must be seen above all else. So no service disruption for Christmas.

Really I didn't mind other than one of the nurses flat out refused to meet us at our client's Famiy's house (how fair is that?I love this client, hate the nurses who work here. In one word: Catty) we couldn't find her a replacement so instead of leaving at 830 or 9 like he was planning he had to leave by 7, then becuase dinner was dealyed we didn't leave until 745 by the time we got him home, I didn't back to my house until 815, then We had Christmas dinner then we opened presents.

Yes i'm aware of how Backwards that is, but hey! We were all together which is most important right?

Today Was going good. Then a girl call in sick... a just before two... her shift sharted @ 330pm!

Fucking brilliant. Then they were all, uhh you have to stay until 5...

I'm like ok what about my OTHER Cate 1 client that you scheduled me with? You know the one who's just home for the holidays... That I have to see when I finish here?

Yeah I can't be in two places at once!!

Brilliant. Then she said well ask the Client's son if he can cover for that time... nope, no can do he's not even home! Now aparently my head-boss lady is coming out. Oh Brilliant!! Just what I need, thankfully the client's home is clean but really? URGH do not need her critisim right now.

Anyway i'm kinda hoping that somone calls back so that she doesn't have to come out.. if not, well it will be very interesting...


I love my job!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank you!

To quote someone famous! "You like me! You really like me!"

LOL. Thanks for all of my new followers. I seem to gain a new follower every time I make a post! Currently at 7 posts and I have 7 followers... How interesting!!

Today work send me on a wild goose chase!!! 2+ hours driving around to go here stop there, pick up here deliver there only to find out that that supplies that were "missing" were in-fact not missing just not delivered yet! Sheesh! Love it! Could have been home + 2 hours ago, URGH!

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job!!

I other news I'm afraid my sister will never forgive me for working Christmas. She's not allowed to open presents until I return home at 730pm!!  She's worse than most 5 year olds I swear it!!

Oh yay More clients gave me Chocolate, how sweet!

Sorry if this was a bit disjointed, i'm a bit tired and cranky!



Thursday, December 23, 2010

Work Christmas Cheer...

Today a client gave me a "small gift" for Christmas. It was very lovely, and very thoughtful she really didn't have to. She has numerous nurses in and out but she only gave something to me and one other nurse. She is very Religious and even though I don't believe in the same way I do follow her ways/teachings for her children. She said it was a thank you for everything "extra" I do for her, So that makes me feel extra special XD!! 

We're really not suppose to give gifts to clients or accept them. This time of year is a bit tricky as we are in their homes and many clients feel as though they Have to give us something especially when we visit on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing day (Did I mention I'm working all three!). I've had a few clients ask me what I would like for Christmas. The general unspoken rule is if it's something small with a value of under $10 you're allowed to accept it. I always say nothing but if they insists I say I love chocolate and there is a $5 limit on any gift for me. I've gotten a few boxes of Chocolate :)! 

I'm also not suppose to give clients gifts, again exceptions to the rule. I have this one client who I adore. He's a refugee from a middle eastern country. Spent most of his 20's in prison just because of who his father was, his father dies when he was 8 or 9. 

Anyway he's a total sweetie. His whole life revolves around his ratty falling apart yearly calender, where he squeezes all of the information into a tiny square. He kept saying how he needed a new one. Anyway I saw a "large size" one at the store the other day and picked it up for him. He gave me a tiny gift a week ago and I told him he didn't have to do that but thank you and I got you something small as well. 

You should have seen his face, it lit up like a Christmas tree. He was so happy. I've spent every day since teasing him about the gift about what it could be. It seems silly but a tiny small present seems to have given this one man more joy than most presents I've given in the past few years-combined. 

He keeps calling me his Angel, now he's calling me his Christmas Angel.

I guess working over Christmas doesn't totally suck after all...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Days off what?

Yesterday and Today were supposed to be my two days off in exchange for working Christmas.

Sooo did not happen!

Yesterday I ended up working in the AM, saw two regular clients both of whom are sweet hearts so really not a horrible thing. My office kept calling me "Can you do, this or this or this" my blackberry going NON-STOP with emails and BBM's! I love my job but I turned it all off and walked away.

Today I check my e-mail, 8 e-mails. Joy. Call this person contact this person etc. All I get is answering machines! Brilliant!

Anyway my sister is up visiting for Christmas. I have a Lovely Piano that is hers but she does not have room for in her tiny apartment back west so it's in my house. Anyway she looks at the Piano and sighs.

"The Piano is NOT just a plant holder you know."
"I know."
"It's a very expensive Plant holder!"

Thanks for that Sis!

Enjoying my day off, back to the grind tomorrow!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh yay!!!

Christmas tree is up :)! It's very nice a big and bushy!!! Will decorate it soon and maybe even some photos!!

Oh thanks to my two followers! Aww I feel special!! :D!!!!

Off to Yogi bear tonight! Could be fun :D!!



Friday, December 17, 2010


Wow. Today has been a busy busy day!

Two 911's  in a row- With the SAME paramedics...

One as super adorable btw!

I jinxed myself- as I commented over here at rescuing providence about how my last 911 call was for a severe reaction... And had been a while ago... Yup! Two strokes in the space of a few hours... I love my job!

I'm getting to be a pro at calling 911.

911-911 do you require Fire, Police, Or Ambulance
C- "Ambulance please"
911- Hold please
911- This is ambulance dispatch what is the nature of you emergency.
C- Hello i'm located at 123 main street apt 123. In communityville The phone # here is 123-456-7890. The ring code for paramedics building entry is 0911. I have a lady here with a possible stroke (blah blah blah though the standard details).
911- (at the end of the call) Thank you very much for being so organized, The paramedics will be there shortly.

I really do NOT like shipping people out. I always feel somehow as though I had failed them. In the case of this lady she was doing excellent and improving very well when I last saw her. Then today boom possible stroke...

Have to do a big note for them plus work on one of my palliative clients! Busy life!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let It snow let it snow let is snow!

Some of the area I cover is very very rural. Thank god for an excellent car in the snow. It's snowed like MAD! Here the past few weeks MAD!!!!

So much snow! I took some fantastic photos on my way to some of my clients! :D! Will try and post them later!!


Oh! As an added bonus! My date for tonight park his car in a space that was LITERALLY!! Four inches bigger than his car... The impressive thing? He got it in and out with out bumping into the other cars. I told him he was crazy! His response "It's A honda it fits anywhere!!"



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