Thursday, January 6, 2011


We've had a set of quads- yes FOUR babies as clients since they wer born. They came home with alot of special needs and we've been there since the beginning helping their mom out.

They are too cute. Today I had one that was super fussy anytime he got set down he cried and fussed. Was only happy curled up in my arms.

My ovaries exploded a tiny bit! I know i'm still young and stuff but damn. I want to be married and I want kids. At the very least I want a decent prospect of finding a guy to even think about marrying. I have a track record of
1) Falling for the wrong guy
2) Falling for the right guy at the wrong time!
3) Falling in love with guys I can never have (aka gay, married, in different countries)
4) Not falling for the guys who fall for me!

urgh! for once I just want to meet a guy who has a decent job and his life together and wants a serious realtionship!

I always end up in the "fix'er'upper" relationship. I get guys that are in rambshackles. Fix them up and send them on their way to find a nice girl who snatches up the boy who is now all shiney and pretty....

Oh well. I'm still young and hopfully the right guy is out there for me! In the mean time I can get my mommy fixes from when I have the babies as clients!



  1. tell ya the truth, I met Mr Perfect-for-me at age 50, never had kids and was single for most of my life and I can honestly say I don't feel I missed anything. Sure one has some "cravings" when a certain age, but I certainly don't regret not having kids....

  2. I love small children... but I can't eat a whole one at one sitting.

    Seriously, though, I really do like babies and small children, but there's something fantastic about being able to give them back and not have to deal with constant diapers and barfing and snot and...

    (and that's just from the father)

  3. Keep never know when the man of your dreams might come your way.

    Living and looking around always helps. I was fortunate enough 20 odd years ago to have my schedule lost in college. I had to redo all of my classes and in the one I simply did not want to take, I met my husband.

    Life is weird like that.