Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Blues..

I'm exausted. This is my FIRST night off since December 21st.. Yeah almost three weeks. I'm burning out. I also havn't had a day off in that time either. Remind me that I love my job.

My phone died a terrible horrible death on the 31st. It won't even turn on anymore. I've lost ALL of my contact #'s. So if you had my # before drop me a text so that I can re-add you to my contacts list. I had to give up and get a new one. I broke down and got a blackberry torch. It does everything I need it to and then some. I'm really loving the BlackBerry Messging app. My friend who's a LEO uses BBM and it's just faster and eaiser than texting it's fun. (Let me know if you want my pin#)

Loving the new phone...


There is an emergency call button when the phone is locked....

I've managed to call 911...



First time I didn't even realise I did it. So when my phone rang I answered it
CRN: "Hello Communityville care Agency this is Community RN."
911:"This is 911 you called and hung up?"
CRN: "I Did??"
911: "We got a call from a blackberry emergency button."
CRN: "Oh crap! I am so sorry! I just got it. I must have activated it by accident."
911: "It happens all the time... Can I confirm you phone # and address."
Anyway I applogised half a dozen times and she was super nice confirmed all my details and cleared the call.

The second time I realised I did it. The guy who answered was nice and thanked me for not hanging up when I realise I accidently called 911-AGAIN. He suggested I deactivate the button.


You can't! I've been scouring the internet and you can't deactive the emergecny button. Some law that says it has to be there. Urgh. So if anyone knows how to deactivate a Emergency button for a Blackberry Torch. Let me know. The whole "put your phone in standby" thing doesn't work for the torch.

Other than a new phone work has been crazy. Just Crazy!! I've not stopped to breathe.

That being said. I had a moment today where I realised how special my Job really is.

There is a lady I was taking care of, young kids, bad car accident. She was home *just* for the Holidays. Today was her last day home before she has to go back to the Hospital. She cried and thanked me fore helping her be home with her kids for christmas. It wasn't easy I worked crappy long hours to make it happen but very very worth it. Her gratefullness made it all worth while.

In other news my date for Saturday night ditched me. Ended up at a friend's place. Left far too late and didn't get enough sleep. Went back the next Am went to make breakfast only to discover that the dish towels could stand up on their own... AFTER they had been washed... yeah they were that bad!!

$400 trip to IKEA and $100 to Bed Bath and Beyond later my friend had a fully outfitted kitchen it took + 3 hours to reorganize and throw out the crap that he had... Then back to work. Stopped in today breifly after work to see the progress it's pretty good. Still needs some work though. When we finish he'll have a proper adult apartment and not looking like he's still back in Basic!

Also working on finding a pretty new apartment. Found one but it's $1725/month + utilites... ouch! I need to find a roomate!

Tomorrow I run a clinic all day. Then off agan tomorrow night. De-decorating the house I think. So that means I need to escape the house in order to avoid being murdered by a family member.  I'm not ready for the Holidays to be over...

So far the new years had been jam-packed. Honestly i'm feeling a little sad about the whole thing. I feel like I missed everything this year. I missed Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, and New Years. Yes I was working, but I fell left out some how.

I'm probably just far too tired for my own good. I should curl up on the couch and watch the end of the Canada Vs. USA hockey game and finish my laundry, put my feet up and go to bed. I;m sure the New Years blues will end soon enough...

C. Rn


  1. Wow, sounds like you have your hands full there and I hope you get some rest.

    New phones can be quite an adventure. I got the Mrs. a new one for the holidays and I programmed it for her--now I keep changing the background on it just to be annoying. She finally told me to knock it off after about the 4th time.

  2. I felt the same way for the last 30 years working in nursing. Felt like I missed something - working every xmas/NYs. right now i am in a cushy job/no weekends. Gotta love it.

    hmm. I have been off work since the 21st. Not good tho. Been sick. Upper respiratory. :(

    New phones! Aren't they a joy? :)