Saturday, May 28, 2011

So that's bloody interesting.

Right, so found out I'm an Aunt today. My nephew is 2years and 9months. Yup my life is a fucking soap opera.

So the older sibling who I refuse to acknowledge, and when pushed I say said person died when I was 8 had a kid. My parents didn't find out until he was 9 months old, and they have only ever seen him once.

Yup my life is a fucking soap opera. I have no idea how I feel about it, I feel rather indifferent regarding it.

In other news I was told that if apply for the new job then I'll basically get it, good to know.

Yeah that's about it for now.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interesting day...

Today was very interesting and highly stressful.

I want to talk more about it but i can't. I'm glad I did have someone I could talk to, even if it was for her to just pat me on the heard and say I did the right thing. Sometimes it helps to hear that no matter what the outcome of something is.

C. Rn

ps. In other news some guy from some marketing company e-mailed me about putting links on my site? ehh, not sure if it sounds legit or not. Anyone else have similar contacts? There is a website but IDK just doesn't look right to me. ~C.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Work trips. O.o

So last week I got shipped off to Toronto for a training session. It was brilliant!! I swear I gained 5lbs while I was there. No really I weighted myself I gained 5lbs. O.o.

It was interesting to say the least, they invited me to come back in June for a Doctor's thingy. Which is HUGE since i'm pretty sure that i'm the only nurse that got invited for that. so Whoohoo!

It was an eye opened experience as well. I got to work with alot of older nurses who I really liked and some younger nurses just started out. There were several my age but wow the difference was amazing.

There was this one nurse, and OMG! she was just... wow. As an example she said "I would show them the photo of what their disease could look like to tell them that the diseases is not as bad as it could be so they shouldn't complain." Ok not exactly, but close enough.

Yeah *blink* I actually shut her down on that one, but it explains her attitude to a T. She had severe acne and was all "Oh my poor face, no one understands me!" she actually hijacked the Doctor who came to talk to us regarded the disease we were learning to talk about her. Then she attached herself to me after the first day and I had to deal with her. Oi! She reminded a lot me, but she was super immature.

Anyway on Sunday night I ate alone at the hotel. Super expensive ($52! for entree and desert!) but damn! it was good!! Monday night we got in a limo, yes a limo!!

Yes that limo there! we took it to one of the nicest steak houses in Toronto. It was a blast, said annoying girl, ordered at the nicest steak house in Toronto (did I say that already?) She loudly asked "What's the budget" then ordered Steak (well done!) and French fries... *blink* yes that's right! then "It wasn't done enough" and she sent it back 3 times.... lit was burnt black before she decided it was done look. Right anyway when the bill comes the first thing out of her mouth was "How much was the bill?"

*blink* you're being taken out by a company, you never! never! ask how much the bill is. I actually elbowed her and hiss. "It's rude to ask!". Oh and through the whole dinner she kept on about how her parents were of a "low socioeconomic status" and I was like, bloody hell girl so are you! She kept saying it like it was an excuse for her to be so rude and uneducated. I felt like saying that my mother managed to feed three kids on a military salary in the 90's, (which isn't half of what it is now!) and she still managed to raise two kids who are smart and educated.

Anyway despite that I really enjoyed the conference. I learned a lot and i'm excited to get started on this program!

In other news I had my client Disconnect his IV line today. So from the IV cannula (the part that goes into the vein) from the extension tubing (The part that connects to the IV lines). so all of a sudden there was blood GUSHING!! everywhere out of the IV and just everywhere. I actually thought it was bleeding around the site. I called for some help and my head-boss-lady came running (in high heels no less!) we managed to get the ope-site off the IV site and re-connect the IV. but damn it was crazy for a while. There was blood everywhere! took ages to clean him up. That was my excitement for the day!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

The online world.....

I'm hesitantly coming back to the online world. I'm slowly coming to a couple of conclusions.

It's not what it once was to me.

-My blog is not a refuge. My last blog was utterly destroyed by someone who hates. He hates me he hates my friends and he goes to any lengths to hurt me. I had to burn my blog and my twitter accounts and my facebook just to make him leave me alone. I had to laugh when the police detective said "Now make sure you unfriend him from facebook" lady- please. I unfriended him long before all of this started. He is the one that was/is cyber stalking me! My blog that I had through-out my (very) troubled and turbulant years is contantly haunted by him. He can't see what I post as it's locked to only those I choose, but I see his IP address popping up there every day or every other day. Dude, I have not spoken to you in over a year- leave me alone.

-Facebook annoys me more than anything. I realize there are maybe 15 people I talk to on facebook. I am slowly trimming down my friends there. I am sorry but "Chelsea" who I have not spoken to since grade 11 in HIGHSCHOOL, I have no idea why you are on my facebook, and I have no desire for you to be there--DELETE. Same for the random ex I added because I was curious as to what he was doing, not curious any more since he is happy and I am single and miserable *sigh*-- Delete! Oh and bitchy girl who I hated in university and was only friends with on facebook becuase I had to be for school, I don't care if you just broke up with ANOTHER guy, (who let's face it was a loser to begin with). I hate that you whine that you're fat, because you're not. I do not need to see yet another photo of your "dream" wedding-- DELETE!
Actually this cleaning out facebook thing kinda makes me feel good!

-Having a public twitter account sucks sometimes. I have several accounts. I burned a few after my ex got a hold of them. I still have a few more. One in particular is a very public account set up to promote my writing. Basically my idiot of an Uncle (no really! He totally is... he wants to be a "writer" and is going to self publish because "the big bad! publishers just don't understand his genius!" oh and also he's working on getting his first film made.... O.o... anyway. He tried to get my dad onto twitter so that he could "Talk" to him easier. My dad hates facebook, twitter and social media sites in general. He just doesn't understand them. He was mad at me when I didn't put together a photo album for him to look at of my trip to Europe last year... oh dad they're all on facebook. Anyway his brother (my uncle) has been hounding him to get a twitter account. As my dad has a blackberry (from work!) so he clearly can have twitter for blackberry and have epic and amazing conversations.... right...! ( My dad loves his little brother but there is a reason they live on opposite sides of the country!) My dad's work blackberry is military issue. Meaning, no BBM, no camera, no apps, nothing but e-mail and his newest one he finally got a very restricted google search page. So yeah twitter not happening. That hasn't stopped my uncle from hounding my dad to get twitter on his blackberry. Anyway so my dad asks me to talk to my uncle via this "twit thing" to tell him thanks but no thanks. I do and he gets all up in arms. Then he discovers that my book is coming out in May 2011 July 2011 and is all "You are a member of the main stream publishers here me roar" and says in his tweets (basically), "My niece @CommunityRN* is getting her book published by the big evil publishers and you should all tell her how wrong she is to want to be published by a genuine company. You should all tell her to break her book contract and how she should be anti-establishment like I am"

RIGHTTTTTTT so hello spammers which would be ok except that a certain person I want NOTHING to do with (and I mean nothing) follows his twitter page (and no not my ex this time!) and thanks to him being an ass now has my twitter account name. URGH. So not happy about that right now.

-People who I used to talk to/be involved with online. Have moved/changed/are just different from me. I think I've grown up-A LOT, but there are some people who are there obsessing over the same thing they were obsessing over 5 or 6 years ago. Hello problem. I've moved away from online fandom and am now focusing on my writing. Which after a rocky start is starting to show some progress. I finished my second novel and trying to wrap up the sequel to my debut novel and a sequel to my second novel. Not to mention a Christmas novel and a Christmas short I am working on + a number of other projects. Writing is my life and I love it.

-online dating sucks, that being said I have had more luck in the online dating world than the real dating world. Oi! my life is confusing, I enjoy living the life of a hermit writing like mad and living in starbucks, but damn I missing having a boyfriend. Really need to get me one of those...

Ok due to a delayed plane (not mine!) I am not working tomorrow. Which is a good thing since I am dead exhausted after a work trip to Toronto last week(more on that in another post) then working straight hours after. I think this is my first day in +2weeks I am totally off. Woohoo!

Also in an effort not to burn out I am planning an impromptu trip back to Halifax for the first full week of June!!! I am so excited. I just hope it all works out. I miss the Maratimes and Halifax alot! I can't wait to go back and say hello to the old girl!

Ok that's it for now i'm dead exhausted and I just got off of work! night-o!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hello World

*lifts up rock*

*crawls out from underneath it*
*dusts off*

Oh hello!!!

Look! I am still alive, utterly alive. Work is insane life is insane. Got dumped on valentine's day fell in love with a SFES. Applying for a new job, drug conferences, work trips. INSANITY!


I love it.

and it other news I FINALLY heard back about my speeding ticket. I can plea guilty to a moving violation and get a $100-$150 fine o pts off my license, AND! it doesn't appear on my record because it's from out of state. OR!! try my luck in court for 70/55mPH zone, if found guilty it's 4pts off my license and a max fine of $600.... I think i'll take the plea deal!

I'm going to try and update more! I am in fact reading most of my blogs even if i'm not commenting :)! Love ya'll and miss you tons!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best Friends RULE!!

I have know Katt (Check out her blog The World's a Circus )for a very very long time.

I love her, she knows how to make me laugh when I need it the most.

Despite me,
1) Deleting my first .blogspot blog
2) Deleting my Twitter page
3) rotating passwords on all my accounts
4) reporting it to the police, and have them repeatedly warn him.
My ex still find ways to harrass me.  Two days ago I got a notice on my yahoo account saying that I could click on this link and reset my Gmail account. HUH? I just wrote it off until I got a notice saying my account was locked for repeted attempts to access it, I've had my accont hacked before by spammer so I've got a hard to duplicate lEtR4ub3r password (and no that's not it) that rotates on a regular basis to prevent that. Plus hard to guess secrete questions.
Right, I just wrote it off as spammers, Now i'm pretty sure it's my Ex's fumbled atempts to hack my account.
Now I have one blog that i've literally had since I was 15. It's 99% locked (aka only viewable by people I choose) it's basically an archive for my life that I can't put here. Today I started getting trolled.
Just after we broke up I had this troll on my blog leaving me harrasing comments etc. I ran the IP and low and behold it linked ot my Ex's parents place... RIGHT! anyway my blog friends basically stood up for me and chased him away.
Now he's back. the blog has this comment notification thing where if you leave a comment the person who owns the blog gets an e-mail (lile blogger) but if you delete said comment there is no record of a deleted comment (unlike blogger). anyway This same account that my ex used, is now back and he;s been leaving comments and then deleting them right away.

I'm getting so frustrated with it. It will be almost a year since I have spoken to him and he will NOT leave me alone! oi!

Anyway I was talking to Katt and she just went off the deepend this was the conversation on MSN:

Katt says:
I has to go get ready, going to redneck town for a few days. chat later ok?
oh oh before i go
Chloe says:
ok have fun lol!
Katt says:
you crashed the hot air balloon in my dream, you meanie.
Chloe says:
Ummmm sorry?
I didn;t mean to?
Katt says:
lol, you said you didn't like the colours and that you were going to fly it away. Then you crashed it and walked over to me and said, it's gone now
Chloe says:
well I suppose it is
Katt says:
yup.sigh. it had a chicken design on it, so cool.

I love my best friend!! LOL!


Thursday, February 10, 2011


I know i've been awful at updating this. After my last blogging site got ruined. My heart left blogging as a whole.

Quick update.
1. Writing new novel, about a telepathic cop and her partner in TO. 36k and counting.
2. Will most likly lose my job in the next 2-3 weeks
3. Thinking of moving to Aussie
4. Got dumped by boy #1, in the process of dumping boy #2 that is far too much like my ex.
5. Joined wish me luck

yup that's my life, out to dinner then starbucks!!