Monday, January 10, 2011

Court *phew*

I'm still sicker than crap (go me!!) I was suppose to go to court today and I totally forgot.


Oh don't worry I'm not in trouble, nothing of the sort. It's for a client. I have a client that is a Police officer. Totally sweetheart, great wife, cutest kids ever. (I keep threaten to steal them! He keeps threatening to give them away. His wife keeps intervening, darn!) He's got cancer. Poor guy, he's in the middle of a second  chemo/radiation set. He's pretty sick. At the moment he's admitted to the hospital so anytime he needs to leave a nurse goes with him(sometimes when he's home we take him as well) and I was suppose to take him to court today.

Usually anytime we take a client out of the hospital they go via medical transport or if they're stable enough paratransport. Alas these are sometimes very unreliable and since he needs to get there on time and to a specific area that's restricted I take him in my car. Now it's a bit tricky. Company policy states no way no how are we allowed to transport clients in our own cars. Bosses know exactly what is going on and have worked out a deal with the peoples who pay us that it's ok and I get paid extra etc etc etc. it boils down to: I'm allowed to take him in my car. But if anyone higher up asks we took medical transport. Got it?

I woke up this morning to a phone call from my client. It's very very rare I give out my cell # to my clients. My cell # is my personal cell I use for business. He's one of two I think at the moment that has my # specifically for this reason.

He called at eight to tell me that they move the court time from ten to one.

Thank fuck because I totally forgot. 

I woke up enough to get on the horn and started making phone calls, boss, other RN etc etc etc. Trying to find someone to take him. Overall it's an easy job. Park in the loading zone zip inside, go up stairs grab him bring him down stairs with his meds and load him into the car. He usually gets motion sick so they give him something for that before we leave but if not I give it to him before we get going.

He usually puts the hood up on his jacket and covers his face while I drive. He claims it's because my driving is so terrifying. I think it's the motion sickness but I'll give him the bad driving excuse. We get to the court house there is the back area where all the police park where we pull up to. Since it's been going on a while now they all know my car and they all know the situation I get a special pass and we park next to the doors and go in. Usually walking isn't a problem. Sometimes it is.

Depending on the judge we can either sit in the little anti room thingy attached to the court room (see I sooo pay attention on these trips) and the bailiff will come get him when it's time or we can sit in an interview room a little ways away. (It might also depend on the court room?). We basically hang out in there and it stops him from being around the germy public. He's stubborn he won't take any meds other than the anti-nausea (and only for the car ride) for the morning before the court appearance.  So usually they come in get him. He goes in does his thing I wait in the room they bring him back to me. As soon as we're sure he's done for the day I pump him full of meds he's been missing then we venture back to the hospital(since home is on the way to the hospital, if he's feeling ok we make a pit stop to see the kids, just depends). Like I said It's rather easy and usually open ended as to how long it can take.

I couldn't find anyone to take him. Not a one. I was so frustrated. It was to the point that overall head boss lady (who is sweet but hasn't been in the field in 15+ years) was going to take him. Which would be tricky since I don't think she has practice accessing his ports to give meds. Anywho. He called me at eleven to tell me that they cancelled his appearance for today as other witnesses were taking longer than expected and were rescheduling for Thursday. *phew*.  I didn't tell him I was sick because a) he would worry too much and b) he would worry too much.

Anyway saved for another day. I'm going to go back to bed and get some more rest!


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