Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bosses and Hippo's

Right so Boss lady is off today, As is Head Boss Lady and Other Boss Lady (who isn't my boss but is still a boss). So enter in Head Boss lady #2! She's setting up another office in another part of the city (right) so she's in our office today running things while all of the previously mentioned Boss ladies are off for the holidays.

Anyway i'm there cursing over the lack of Masks that have the streachy ear things rather than the tie ones when she goes "Ahem"

I'm like Yesssss?

She goes, "Can I speak to you for a moment Chloe?." (See the C. stands for more than community!!)
Oh fuck! "Of course"
*walks out of room where client is and into the hallway*
HBL#2: You have a client Mr. "Smith"
CRN: You mean "Smithers"
HBL#2: Yes him!
CRN: Yes he's one of mie what about him...

HBL#2: *serious scary face* I'm sending another nurse it.
CRN: Ok... (Fuck what did I do THIS time??)
HBL#2: Oh just wanted to make sure the orders were there for him for today.
CRN: Yeah they're in the back of the chart and the MAR Is in the front!
HBL#2: Oh good thanks! *BIG SMILE* That's all!

She basically scared the CRAP out of me!!  Making me think something was wrong or I screwed up some how... only to find out that it was nothing... Yup LOVE IT!

Today Canada plays Russia in World Jr action. I've been lucky enough over the years to see games TWICE! While they were in Canada. I love this tournment. Did you know it's Canada's 10th year apearing in the gold medal game? We might not have won all of them (just most of them) but I think that fact alone proves that our minor hockey programs at THE! best in the world.

Since i'm off Again tonight (OMG! Three nights in a row! AMAZING!) I'll be curled up on the couch with my puppy and my hippo watching the game!

Oh and since Kennyo reguested it! Here is a photo of my hippo...

What? He's a good snuggler!! Plus I can bored him with my endless hockey knowledge and he doesn't care :)!

Hope everyone has a good day today!

and oh! Go! Canada! Go!


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