Sunday, December 26, 2010

Work *D'oh*

First of all I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Mine was interesting.

Yesterday I worked a 12 hr shift with one of our Category one clients. Cate 1 is basically must be seen above all else. So no service disruption for Christmas.

Really I didn't mind other than one of the nurses flat out refused to meet us at our client's Famiy's house (how fair is that?I love this client, hate the nurses who work here. In one word: Catty) we couldn't find her a replacement so instead of leaving at 830 or 9 like he was planning he had to leave by 7, then becuase dinner was dealyed we didn't leave until 745 by the time we got him home, I didn't back to my house until 815, then We had Christmas dinner then we opened presents.

Yes i'm aware of how Backwards that is, but hey! We were all together which is most important right?

Today Was going good. Then a girl call in sick... a just before two... her shift sharted @ 330pm!

Fucking brilliant. Then they were all, uhh you have to stay until 5...

I'm like ok what about my OTHER Cate 1 client that you scheduled me with? You know the one who's just home for the holidays... That I have to see when I finish here?

Yeah I can't be in two places at once!!

Brilliant. Then she said well ask the Client's son if he can cover for that time... nope, no can do he's not even home! Now aparently my head-boss lady is coming out. Oh Brilliant!! Just what I need, thankfully the client's home is clean but really? URGH do not need her critisim right now.

Anyway i'm kinda hoping that somone calls back so that she doesn't have to come out.. if not, well it will be very interesting...


I love my job!


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