Thursday, December 23, 2010

Work Christmas Cheer...

Today a client gave me a "small gift" for Christmas. It was very lovely, and very thoughtful she really didn't have to. She has numerous nurses in and out but she only gave something to me and one other nurse. She is very Religious and even though I don't believe in the same way I do follow her ways/teachings for her children. She said it was a thank you for everything "extra" I do for her, So that makes me feel extra special XD!! 

We're really not suppose to give gifts to clients or accept them. This time of year is a bit tricky as we are in their homes and many clients feel as though they Have to give us something especially when we visit on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing day (Did I mention I'm working all three!). I've had a few clients ask me what I would like for Christmas. The general unspoken rule is if it's something small with a value of under $10 you're allowed to accept it. I always say nothing but if they insists I say I love chocolate and there is a $5 limit on any gift for me. I've gotten a few boxes of Chocolate :)! 

I'm also not suppose to give clients gifts, again exceptions to the rule. I have this one client who I adore. He's a refugee from a middle eastern country. Spent most of his 20's in prison just because of who his father was, his father dies when he was 8 or 9. 

Anyway he's a total sweetie. His whole life revolves around his ratty falling apart yearly calender, where he squeezes all of the information into a tiny square. He kept saying how he needed a new one. Anyway I saw a "large size" one at the store the other day and picked it up for him. He gave me a tiny gift a week ago and I told him he didn't have to do that but thank you and I got you something small as well. 

You should have seen his face, it lit up like a Christmas tree. He was so happy. I've spent every day since teasing him about the gift about what it could be. It seems silly but a tiny small present seems to have given this one man more joy than most presents I've given in the past few years-combined. 

He keeps calling me his Angel, now he's calling me his Christmas Angel.

I guess working over Christmas doesn't totally suck after all...



  1. How did u end up working all 3 of those days?
    I attend your type of work place alot due to your clients calling
    If your "communityville" is the same as mine, maybe i bumped into
    the blog world is a same

  2. Kenny,

    Some clients I see are on going M-W-F so they MUST be seen those days. This year Friday is Christmas eve so that's how I ended up working Christmas Eve.

    Believe it or not I voluntered to work Christmas day to give the girls who have kids the day off. We have one client that is 24/7-365. So I'm spending Christmas with him. It's not bad because with out us he'd be in the hospital. We also have a lady who is coming home from the hospital as a trial, just for the holidays. She has really young children so i'm working boxing day with her. Again with out us she would be spending Christmas in the Hospital and away from her kids.

    In addition to these clients I have one on-going daily visits with police officer I'll have over the holidays again so he could be home with his family rather than in hospital over Christmas. (see the theme here?).

    So yeah I guess that's the really long answer. I give up my holidays to make it better for others.

    LOL I know which communityville you live in :D! Alas not very near mine at all. I do happen to know one blogger that share your communityville though :)!!!

    Thanks for the comment, the follow and all of your support!!!!

    C. RN

  3. Aww. The story about the man and the calender is too sweet. Sometimes we forget that the smallest things can mean the most to people. :-)