Friday, December 17, 2010


Wow. Today has been a busy busy day!

Two 911's  in a row- With the SAME paramedics...

One as super adorable btw!

I jinxed myself- as I commented over here at rescuing providence about how my last 911 call was for a severe reaction... And had been a while ago... Yup! Two strokes in the space of a few hours... I love my job!

I'm getting to be a pro at calling 911.

911-911 do you require Fire, Police, Or Ambulance
C- "Ambulance please"
911- Hold please
911- This is ambulance dispatch what is the nature of you emergency.
C- Hello i'm located at 123 main street apt 123. In communityville The phone # here is 123-456-7890. The ring code for paramedics building entry is 0911. I have a lady here with a possible stroke (blah blah blah though the standard details).
911- (at the end of the call) Thank you very much for being so organized, The paramedics will be there shortly.

I really do NOT like shipping people out. I always feel somehow as though I had failed them. In the case of this lady she was doing excellent and improving very well when I last saw her. Then today boom possible stroke...

Have to do a big note for them plus work on one of my palliative clients! Busy life!!


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