Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Work trips. O.o

So last week I got shipped off to Toronto for a training session. It was brilliant!! I swear I gained 5lbs while I was there. No really I weighted myself I gained 5lbs. O.o.

It was interesting to say the least, they invited me to come back in June for a Doctor's thingy. Which is HUGE since i'm pretty sure that i'm the only nurse that got invited for that. so Whoohoo!

It was an eye opened experience as well. I got to work with alot of older nurses who I really liked and some younger nurses just started out. There were several my age but wow the difference was amazing.

There was this one nurse, and OMG! she was just... wow. As an example she said "I would show them the photo of what their disease could look like to tell them that the diseases is not as bad as it could be so they shouldn't complain." Ok not exactly, but close enough.

Yeah *blink* I actually shut her down on that one, but it explains her attitude to a T. She had severe acne and was all "Oh my poor face, no one understands me!" she actually hijacked the Doctor who came to talk to us regarded the disease we were learning to talk about her. Then she attached herself to me after the first day and I had to deal with her. Oi! She reminded a lot me, but she was super immature.

Anyway on Sunday night I ate alone at the hotel. Super expensive ($52! for entree and desert!) but damn! it was good!! Monday night we got in a limo, yes a limo!!

Yes that limo there! we took it to one of the nicest steak houses in Toronto. It was a blast, said annoying girl, ordered at the nicest steak house in Toronto (did I say that already?) She loudly asked "What's the budget" then ordered Steak (well done!) and French fries... *blink* yes that's right! then "It wasn't done enough" and she sent it back 3 times.... lit was burnt black before she decided it was done look. Right anyway when the bill comes the first thing out of her mouth was "How much was the bill?"

*blink* you're being taken out by a company, you never! never! ask how much the bill is. I actually elbowed her and hiss. "It's rude to ask!". Oh and through the whole dinner she kept on about how her parents were of a "low socioeconomic status" and I was like, bloody hell girl so are you! She kept saying it like it was an excuse for her to be so rude and uneducated. I felt like saying that my mother managed to feed three kids on a military salary in the 90's, (which isn't half of what it is now!) and she still managed to raise two kids who are smart and educated.

Anyway despite that I really enjoyed the conference. I learned a lot and i'm excited to get started on this program!

In other news I had my client Disconnect his IV line today. So from the IV cannula (the part that goes into the vein) from the extension tubing (The part that connects to the IV lines). so all of a sudden there was blood GUSHING!! everywhere out of the IV and just everywhere. I actually thought it was bleeding around the site. I called for some help and my head-boss-lady came running (in high heels no less!) we managed to get the ope-site off the IV site and re-connect the IV. but damn it was crazy for a while. There was blood everywhere! took ages to clean him up. That was my excitement for the day!!


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  1. Sounds like a great experience--one where an empty stomach is scarce. I bet the limo ride was a blast.