Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best Friends RULE!!

I have know Katt (Check out her blog The World's a Circus )for a very very long time.

I love her, she knows how to make me laugh when I need it the most.

Despite me,
1) Deleting my first .blogspot blog
2) Deleting my Twitter page
3) rotating passwords on all my accounts
4) reporting it to the police, and have them repeatedly warn him.
My ex still find ways to harrass me.  Two days ago I got a notice on my yahoo account saying that I could click on this link and reset my Gmail account. HUH? I just wrote it off until I got a notice saying my account was locked for repeted attempts to access it, I've had my accont hacked before by spammer so I've got a hard to duplicate lEtR4ub3r password (and no that's not it) that rotates on a regular basis to prevent that. Plus hard to guess secrete questions.
Right, I just wrote it off as spammers, Now i'm pretty sure it's my Ex's fumbled atempts to hack my account.
Now I have one blog that i've literally had since I was 15. It's 99% locked (aka only viewable by people I choose) it's basically an archive for my life that I can't put here. Today I started getting trolled.
Just after we broke up I had this troll on my blog leaving me harrasing comments etc. I ran the IP and low and behold it linked ot my Ex's parents place... RIGHT! anyway my blog friends basically stood up for me and chased him away.
Now he's back. the blog has this comment notification thing where if you leave a comment the person who owns the blog gets an e-mail (lile blogger) but if you delete said comment there is no record of a deleted comment (unlike blogger). anyway This same account that my ex used, is now back and he;s been leaving comments and then deleting them right away.

I'm getting so frustrated with it. It will be almost a year since I have spoken to him and he will NOT leave me alone! oi!

Anyway I was talking to Katt and she just went off the deepend this was the conversation on MSN:

Katt says:
I has to go get ready, going to redneck town for a few days. chat later ok?
oh oh before i go
Chloe says:
ok have fun lol!
Katt says:
you crashed the hot air balloon in my dream, you meanie.
Chloe says:
Ummmm sorry?
I didn;t mean to?
Katt says:
lol, you said you didn't like the colours and that you were going to fly it away. Then you crashed it and walked over to me and said, it's gone now
Chloe says:
well I suppose it is
Katt says:
yup.sigh. it had a chicken design on it, so cool.

I love my best friend!! LOL!



  1. Ha it was a pretty sweet hotair balloon and you crashed it! Lol! text me if you need me!

  2. Sorry about the ex crap it takes some people too long to move on, maybe set him up on to meet a new victim.